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  • How do I book a course?
    You can book your course by simply clicking on the event on the calendar and reserve your place online. You will need to call us to arrange payment, so just give us a call if your having any difficulties.
  • When is your next course?
    Scheduled courses are found on the events calendar on our website here. If you can’t find the course your need, contact us on 01785 334312.
  • How much does a course cost?
    Course costs vary, costs can be found on the course info page or calendar here.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We take most major Credit & Debit cards (subject to fees), BACS, Cash & Cheque.
  • Do we provide equipment?
    We do provide equipment such as chainsaws and climbing equipment, however we DO NOT supply PPE for hygiene reasons.
  • What PPE do I need? And can you advise on where to get it?
    Specific PPE requirements for each course will be listed on the course info on the course calendar. If you are in any doubt or not sure where to purchase your PPE, give us a call and we will happily help alternatively, pop online or visit our friends at
  • Do you offer accommodation?
    We don’t have onsite accommodation but there is plenty of local accommodation to suit all tastes & budgets from BnB’s, Hotels and Campsites. For more details drop us a line.
  • Do we do 6 – 10 week intensive courses?
    No, we believe learners need time to build on their confidence and skills before progressing too quickly, we urge students to go away and consolidate their learning with work experience and progress when skill level dictates, very much like other rope access industries.
  • Can you do training / assessment at our yard/offices/depot?
    Yes, we can train and assess remotely provided the site / training space is suitable. We’d like to see how we could help, give us a call to discuss your needs.
  • Does the cost include assessment and/or certificates?
    Yes, we don’t have any hidden fees. The course cost always includes registration, assessment and certification where applicable. Non-assessed CPD courses included a certificate of attendance.
  • Do we accept ELCAS?
    Currently not, we hope to in the near future.
  • Do you provide lunch?
    We provide hot beverages free of charge for the course duration, canditates are required to bring a packed lunch as access to shops cannot be guaranteed.
  • The NPTC numbers have changed, do my old qualifications still count?"
    Yes, all older AO & CS units are still valid provided refresher training has been undertaken in the last 5 years, as per HSE.
  • Do I need refresher training, Do we offer refreshers?"
    Yes, full time users need refresher training every 5 years max as per HSE guidance. Yes we do, please check the course calendar or contact us directly.
  • When does assessment take place?
    Assessments either take place on a separate day following training if independently assessed (i.e. Unit 203 Tree Felling) or as part of your training if part of an intergrated course (i.e Unit 222 Woodchipper).
  • Do you need to be physically fit.
    For many course’s you will need to be physically fit as activities can involved carrying and lifting heavy objects in woodland environments. If you are unsure, give us a call do discuss your requirements.
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